Airlines Shrink Rewards for Many Frequent Fliers

They say that you should not count your chickens before they hatch, and when it comes to frequent flier miles it seems you shouldn’t count your chickens before the fly the coop, either. You may be already planning the flight you’ll earn with your frequent flier program, but major airlines are busy clipping the wings […]

Skip the Airport Security Line for $20 per Year

I arrived at PDX for a trip to Santa Barbara around 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon. I had just grappled with an hour drive from my office south of Portland in rush-hour traffic to get to the airport, on the city’s northern border with Washington. I found parking in the economy lot, took the shuttle […]

3 Simple Ways to Save on Your Summer Vacation

It’s hard to believe, but it’s summer already. It just seems like we were celebrating the Holidays yesterday and now hot weather is upon us. If your winter was like mine that means you’re eager to set out on a summer vacation to enjoy some fun in the sun. Unfortunately summer vacations aren’t exactly cheap […]

Travel Hacking on a Budget

I have a confession to make, my wife and I have become somewhat fond of travel hacking. What is travel hacking you ask? Well, it means you purposely choose credit cards that offer nice sign-on bonuses that you can turn into free vacations. It does require some work, but if I can do it then […]

6 Myths About Frequent Flyer Miles Exposed

I have so many friends that pay full price for their flights. Every time they tell me they can’t take a trip because of the cost, I tell them that there are tons of ways to use miles and points to travel cheap. Here are some of the reasons they give me for thinking they […]

July 2013 Net Worth and Earnings Update

What an exciting June! I visited Seattle, went camping in the Colorado mountains, rocked out with the Dandy Warhols, danced with Dada Life, and I have no plans to slow down in July. Here’s a breakdown of how my money treated me last month.

How Credit Cards Are Paying For My Birthday Party in Vegas

I have always loved to travel. Growing up, vacationing was a regular part of our family life. I consider myself blessed that I was able to see quite a bit of the world before I started high school. Now that I have a growing family, I see firsthand the increasing cost of indulging in that […]

An Amazing Trip to Israel on a Budget

A while back, I shared how I bought two round trip tickets to Israel for $280 using a credit card churn and fee airline miles. Yes, that’s right. $140 per person round trip including all taxes and fees. Well, I just got back and want to share how we had an amazing trip on a […]

How to Have an Unforgettable Summer Vacation and not Bust Your Budget

It’s the beginning of May which means that summer vacation season is just getting started. Growing up, I remember looking forward to our family vacation every summer as it usually meant going somewhere fun. Today, as a father of three, summer vacations are still fun but they are not all fun. Before the big trip […]