How Often Do You Plan For Your Retirement?

There are so many people out there that see retirement as a distant future event and feel that they don’t even need to start thinking about it until 20 years down the road. In fact, it is common for a family to spend more time planning for their big vacation each year than on planning […]

Should My IRA Charge Me a Maintenance Fee?

Narrow Bridge Finance reader Yvonne sent in a question about IRA fees for her account at Meryl Lynch. She received a letter that said her annual account fee would be going up to $100 per year, and that didn’t pass her gut check. Here’s her question.

How to Save for Retirement When You’re Self-Employed

As someone who has been self-employed for a little over two years there is quite a bit I have learned. However, the thing I continue to come back to is that no one is going to do anything for me, meaning it’s all up to me. That ranges from finding the work and knowing what […]

Should I Buy Stock in the Company I Work For?

Millions of people in the United States work at public companies with stock available for purchase. Some of these companies give employees stock for free, others offer company stock to employees at a discount, many commonly offer company stock as a portion of 401(k) plans. While many of us are loyal and believe in the […]

How Public Employee Retirement Accounts Work

This post comes to us from Kim Riccardi at Colorado PERA, the Public Employee’s Retirement Association of Colorado. A Narrow Bridge reader recently asked this seemingly simple question: If you leave employment, what should you do with your Colorado PERA account (a retirement account for public employees in Colorado)? We know public pensions can be […]

What To Do With a Public Employee Retirement Account?

A reader sent me a note asking for ideas on moving to a new job after working for the State of Colorado, where the retirement plans are run by an organization called PERA. PERA works sort of like a pension plan and sort of like a 401(k). Read the question, and my answers, below.

3 Simple Ways to Save For Retirement on a Budget

A few months ago I talked about what to do if you felt that you could not afford to save for retirement and it spurred some good discussion for many that are facing that challenge. Another factor that many face in regards to saving for retirement is finding simple ways to do it and this […]

March 2014 Earnings and Investments Update

I just returned from the first of my wedding related trips, this one to Santa Barbara, and I’m excited for the adventures ahead. I just shared a new post on travel hacking, and have to say I’m loving some of the recent benefits, like waiting for my flight in the United Club lounge instead of […]

Get Rich By Doing It Slowly

Have you ever had the urge to get rich? To go out to eat whenever you wanted, buy that perfect cottage on the lake, and travel to every possible country you can think of? It sure sounds nice doesn’t it? Many people actually have this lifestyle, but there’s just one problem – they are NOT […]

4 Tips to Retire Wealthy

How often do you think about retirement? If you are anything like me, you think about the future quite a lot to ensure a long, stress free life. If, however, you are like most of the U.S., then you are probably saving something for the future, but it is very little in comparison to your […]

4 Simple Steps To Help You Get Started Saving For Retirement

I spoke with individuals on a daily basis for a number of years who were terrified about starting to save for retirement. It usually went back to a number of similar reasons, but what they all had in common was simply not knowing where to start. The thing is, saving for retirement, or investing in […]

What is 1% Today Worth in Retirement?

I regularly share my thoughts on automated investing and putting money away for retirement. In some posts, I’ve discussed how much to save each pay period. 10%, 15%? More less? I always say to just start with something and save as much as possible for your situation. Today, I want to talk about increasing that […]