Automate Your Account Tracking

Now that you have done a full account inventory and closed your inactive accounts, it is time to making tracking your accounts and organizing your statements easier and quicker. I use a few free tools to keep my accounts and transactions organized, and you get them setup in just a few minutes.

11 IFTTT Recipes To Make Your Finances Easier

IFTTT is one of the most useful (and free) web apps I have ever found. IFTTT, which stands for “If This, Then That” can automatically connect you, your social media, news, and tons of other apps for automatic actions. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for staying connected to your finances and saving […]

7 Ideas to Make Your Commute Suck Less

I drive 20 miles in rush hour traffic to work and back every day. I have a good job at a good company and I live where I want to live around friends and a great neighborhood. But connecting the two is torture every day. Here are six ways I’ve found to make the drive […]

Sponsored Video: Making Life Easier with Paper

Today, it is really easy to get wrapped up in technology as the end-all need for managing our lives. I get wrapped up in this fallacy myself, but sometimes people are right in saying that using paper just makes more sense.

Adaptu Alternatives

One of my favorite money tracking tools, Adaptu, has closed its doors leaving us looking for other ideas on how to track our money. Here are a few top choices for savvy consumers to manage and track their money.

Zero Inbox Week

Some long time readers may remember a series of posts I wrote called “inbox clutter week.” The goal of the week was to wrangle and manage your emails to get your inbox down to zero. I have leveraged that post series to create a brand new email course called Zero Inbox Week. The idea is simple. Each day for a week, you get an email delivered with tips to get your email under control. By the end of the week, we should all be down to an inbox with zero emails and have a system in place to keep it under control.

6 Best Mobile Apps to Save You Time

Earlier this week, I shared my 5 best mobile apps to save you money. Now, it is time for my favorite time savers. I use these for my to-do lists, idea tracking, businesses, and general productivity.

Paying Your Taxes in the Park?

If you’ve ever played sports or had kids who were on a team then you know how many hours parents have to spend waiting on their kids over the course of a season. Just last week, half the parents at my son’s soccer practice spent part of the time on a Kindle or iPad.

Save Money Shaving

I am a big fan of saving money. I am also a big fan of convenience. I recently joined my first subscription wine club and love getting interesting, high quality wines delivered to my door each month for less money (and time) than a trip to the local liquor store. I found another time and money saving service that I have to tell you about.

Mint Alternative: Manilla vs.

You all know that I have been a fan of for a long time. I have compared it to sites like Adaptu and PageOnce. Today, I am going to compare it to another competitor, Manilla. Enjoy the review of Mint’s new competitor Manilla.

Saving Time and Money on Quality Wine

I love good wine. At the end of a long day, nothing goes better with dinner than a great Chianti or Bordeaux. But, as I found my taste in wine evolving, so did the cost. I am always looking to learn about good wines, trying new ones, and saving money. Last week, I found a new way to do all three that I am trying out.

Dealing With Stress and a Busy Life

I am a busy guy. A really busy guy. People often ask me how I have time for it all. For a while, my answer was focus. For a while, I said that I didn’t waste time on things like TV. Lately, however, that level of focus and drive has started to take a toll.