October 2014 Earnings and Investments Update

Fall is falling, the weather is changing, and there is plenty of money to be made and saved! I’ve been at my new job for about a month now (expect a few more stories about the transition in the next month or so) and I’m still keeping at the side income streams, with a little […]

September 2014 Earnings and Investments Update

What a busy month this has been. I have a lot to share with you. I took a long trip, started a new job, and have pivoted again with some of my business strategies. Read about my online income, and my new plans, in this month’s earnings and investments update.

How Often Do You Plan For Your Retirement?

There are so many people out there that see retirement as a distant future event and feel that they don’t even need to start thinking about it until 20 years down the road. In fact, it is common for a family to spend more time planning for their big vacation each year than on planning […]

Should My IRA Charge Me a Maintenance Fee?

Narrow Bridge Finance reader Yvonne sent in a question about IRA fees for her account at Meryl Lynch. She received a letter that said her annual account fee would be going up to $100 per year, and that didn’t pass her gut check. Here’s her question.

August 2014 Earnings and Investments Update

What a great time of the year! We are out on our bikes at least once a week exploring our new city. We are traveling around the country. We are spending time with friends and family. And, on top of that, with the great weather we can drink beer on patios.

Tips for Investing in Gold

Gold is the age-old hedge against economic catastrophe. When the stock market crashes, disease pandemics break out, terrorists attack, or the value of local currency plummets, people convert their paper money into gold. The basic reason is simple. Throughout history gold has been a highly valued and treasured commodity.

How to Save for Retirement When You’re Self-Employed

As someone who has been self-employed for a little over two years there is quite a bit I have learned. However, the thing I continue to come back to is that no one is going to do anything for me, meaning it’s all up to me. That ranges from finding the work and knowing what […]

What Would You Do If You Had $10,000?

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you suddenly had a $10,000 windfall? Perhaps a relative left you a portion of their estate, or maybe you win the lottery (which I wouldn’t recommend playing by the way), or you have an anonymous check show up in your mailbox with no explanation. What […]

Flip Houses or Rent Out Real Estate?

Have you ever thought about flipping houses on the side? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to buy real estate and rent out your property to make a consistent semi-passive monthly income? Both strategies can potentially make money, but is one option better than the other?

Should I Buy Stock in the Company I Work For?

Millions of people in the United States work at public companies with stock available for purchase. Some of these companies give employees stock for free, others offer company stock to employees at a discount, many commonly offer company stock as a portion of 401(k) plans. While many of us are loyal and believe in the […]

Tracking Stocks Online

While I suggest new investors always buy diverse funds like an S&P 500 index fund to start, if you are building a larger portfolio and want to try your skill picking individual stocks, it is important to keep track of your investments. Each investment tracking site is different, so be sure to pick one you […]