What to Do If Your Job Does Not Give You Insurance

In my adult life, I’ve had two short spells where I didn’t have insurance from my job. The first time was while working as a server at a restaurant between jobs in 2008, the second is right now, where my new company’s insurance doesn’t kick in for 90 days. In those times, I have had […]

6 Awesome Benefits of the Affordable Care Act

I have spoken to many friends over the last month or so about the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, about the benefits they can get from the new law. There are so many lies and so much misinformation out there regarding the law, it is important to understand the key benefits you get […]

7 Unexpected Uses for Banks

Most of us think about banks for checking and savings accounts, tellers and ATMs, but don’t know about the wide array of services some banks offer. In my time working in a bank, I learned a ton about what we had to offer, and some larger, national banks offer even more.

When to Get Life Insurance

Like most people in their 20s, I am at an interesting point in my life when it comes to life insurance. I can get a policy now for the lowest price ever again, yet I don’t feel compelled to get it yet. Here is the logic behind why I probably should get life insurance, and […]

Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy

As many of you know, I bought my first condo just over a year ago. Going from renter to buyer, I learned a lot about insurance. When it is time for you to renew or evaluate your next policy, you should know the basics of what is covered and what is not.

Investing in Fine Art

On Saturday afternoon, I went to an art gallery and bought my first very high quality painting. I have graduated from the college days of posters to the grown up days of fine art. A lot went through my head before I handed over my credit card.

Fixing Your Own Economy

If you read the news today or listen to talk radio, you will most likely hear some mention of unemployment and how bad the economy is. I disagree, the economy is in great shape. You just need to look after yourself to ensure your personal economy stays on top.

Simplee Automates Your Insurance

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of automation and aggregation. The fewer places you have to look for your financial information, the less time you will use and the less likely you are to mess up. Simplee simplifies and automates your insurance just like Mint or Adaptu does with your finances.