A Fun Way to Make a Little Extra Cash

When I have a little extra spare time, which is not very often these days, I like to jump into projects where I can make a few bucks on the side. Some people enjoy golf, others enjoy fishing, my hobby is money-making projects. One that I have tried a little on-and-off over the years is […]

How to Find Your Money-Making Rental Property

Are you interested in buying rental property for an additional income? I have been thinking about making a purchase like this for quite some time and am nearly ready to pull the trigger. For the past year or so, I have been researching and planning for a single family home purchase. After all of my […]

Build Your Pipelines and Grow Rich

Let me ask you this, “How many sources of income do you have?” You may have actually never heard this question before because most people have just one! Perhaps you have a job at a corporate headquarters or a local factory, or maybe you work hard in an environment like a hospital or a veterinary […]

Get Rich By Doing It Slowly

Have you ever had the urge to get rich? To go out to eat whenever you wanted, buy that perfect cottage on the lake, and travel to every possible country you can think of? It sure sounds nice doesn’t it? Many people actually have this lifestyle, but there’s just one problem – they are NOT […]

Before Switching Companies, Learn About the Benefits

How many places have you worked? Did you have a clear understanding of the benefits before you accepted each job? If I had to wager a guess, I would say that many of you knew what your starting salary would be, you knew if there was a 401(k) match, and if you have a family, […]

Should I Set Up a Company for Side Income?

Many Narrow Bridge Finance readers work on a side project or hobby outside of their main job to earn side income. While managing the finance for side income is only a small project early on, as the company grows it becomes more complicated. At that point, it is best to decide if it is worthwhile to […]

Are High Dividend Stocks Good?

When you are searching for stocks to buy, you have the option to look at stocks that have dividends and stocks that do not have dividends. Your gut probably tells you that dividends are good because your stock is paying you. However, when you run the numbers non-dividend stocks may be a better deal.

Turning a Hobby into Income

In 2008, I started this blog as a hobby with a goal of making a few bucks in extra income. It took a lot of hard work, but this site is now generating about 15% of my annual income before taxes. That is pretty sweet! Here are some tips to turn your hobby into income.

Wealth and Taxes in America

There has been a lot of talk lately about rich people vs. poor people. In the height of the political season, fingers are being pointed, people are being accused, and even Fortune magazine took time to ask if it is still okay to be rich today in America.