5 Things You Should Never Spend Money On

5 Things You Should Never Spend Money On

Free Batteries

David Bakke writes about saving money and surviving the journey to financial freedom on the popular personal finance blog, Money Crashers.The old adage is true: It pays to save. And as today's economy sputters, it's never been more important to cut costs everywhere. Beyond that, there are actually household necessities you can get without spending a dime - yes, free. If you … [Read more...]

The True Cost of Something That is Free

Last week, I had the pleasure of crossing the Caribbean on a cruise ship. My experience on the Carnival Victory was fun, minus some sea sickness, but it opened my eyes to the excesses of our society and how much we do “just because it is free.” … [Read more...]

The Benefits and Hidden Costs of Loyalty Programs

I love getting free stuff. Most of us do. A popular way to get free stuff is through company loyalty programs. Whether you are getting free schwag from the Old Chicago Beer Tour, a gold card from Starbucks, or a free burrito from Qdoba, you could be getting a great deal. However, it is not always as great of a deal as you think. … [Read more...]

Get Free Awesome Stuff

Lately I have had the pleasure of getting lots of free stuff. It is pretty cool. While some people might think giveaways are luck, but you can get a lot of free stuff if you know where to look and how to connect. … [Read more...]

I Got a Free Kindle And So Can You

Today I am expecting a shiny new Kindle to come in the mail. I ordered it on Monday afternoon, and it cost me a whopping $17 for the ad free version. If I had wanted the version with ads, I could have gotten it for free. Here is how I did it, and you can too. … [Read more...]

Free eBook – Starting a Small Business

I have spent some time over the last few weeks putting together a new and free eBook for Narrow Bridge Finance subscribers. My small business post series was so successful that I decided to package it up into a free eBook.At some point, almost everyone has an idea for a business. It is easy to get caught up in all of the complicated reasons to avoid it, so I decided to cut … [Read more...]

Holiday Giveaway: Win A Copy of My eBook

Win a copy of the Personal Finance Arsenal eBook, a $27 value. Just use the awesome signup tools below to enter. That's it! Consider it a Chanukah or (insert holiday here) give from me! If you don't win, you could buy a copy for yourself. It also makes a great present. … [Read more...]

When I Win the Lottery

When I Win the Lottery


In Colorado, there is no shortage of gambling opportunities. Just 45 minutes up the road in Blackhawk and Central City, we have large casinos that rival most Indian reservations. We have legalized bingo halls all over town. But the dream is to win the lotto. Where the Dream Comes From I think everyone has a list of “if I win the lotto” ideas. One of my friends told me that … [Read more...]

My First Travel Hack – 2 Free International Flights

My First Travel Hack – 2 Free International Flights

British Airways Visa Signature EMV

Today I finally gave in and started my first travel hack. For those of you unfamiliar, travel hacking is the art of mastering the mileage and point systems of airlines and hotels to get the maximum possible value for the lowest possible cost.The most famous travel hacker, of course, is Chris Guillebeau of the ‘Art of Non-Conformity.’My First HackToday, I signed up … [Read more...]