Yakezie Carnival

Yakezie Carnival

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Yakezie carnival. If you are not familiar, the Yakezie is a wonderful community of personal finance bloggers, many of them my personal friends, with a common mission of helping our readers improve their finances. These are the submissions of this week’s community round-up. Enjoy reading and discovering these great sites with their top posts of the week.

How to Save Money Without Giving Up Your Social Life

How to Save Money Without Giving Up Your Social Life

There are plenty of things that will end your social life. Bad breath, body odor and hitting the clubs in a Storm Trooper uniform come to mind. Saving money and watching your budget should not be on the list. This is a post for all those that have drained their bank account hanging out with friends or those that have taken down their Facebook page to save a dime.

My Biggest Financial Mistake

I can’t even count the number of money mistakes I’ve made in my life. Although I recently paid off my mortgage, it didn’t come easy or without making mistakes on the way.

Raising Millionaire Children

Obviously, I’m not a millionaire (or I wouldn’t be blogging) but I do know that you can’t finish the race to 1 million dollars by not knowing the basics.

The Danger of SOPA and PIPA

Today major sites around the web are shutting down to support efforts to kill the SOPA and PIPA bills in the US Senate and House. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) might sound good on the surface, but they threaten content producers and bloggers around the web.

Eating to Green Savings

This post is by Melissa at Mom’s Plans and is part of a Yakezie blog swap based on the topic, “What is your best go green method to save money?” You can read my post on the same topic at Melissa’s blog.

Interview: Jason at Live Real Now

Welcome to the newest installment of the Yakezie interview series. Today, we have questions answered by Jason at Live Real Now. Jason has been making major strides cutting his debt and has chronicled the journey at his site.

Yakezie Carnival: Independence Day Edition

For those of you blogging or reading from the United States, you are enjoying a long weekend and a Monday off of work. To celebrate the long weekend, enjoy the 4th of July (technically 3rd of July) edition of the Yakezie Carnival.