Ask Eric – And Free Book Giveaway!

Hi Friends, I want to introduce you to a new feature for questions here at Narrow Bridge Finance. I am getting ready to launch a brand new podcast and big re-design for the site in the coming weeks, and I’m super excited about how things are coming along.

How to Become Kind of a Big Deal

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the weekend in Saint Louis for the third annual Financial Blogger Conference. I had the opportunity to host Ignite FinCon for the second year, and we had a great time. I did a five minute talk on “How to Become Kind of a Big Deal.” Enjoy!

The Death of Google Reader

At the end of the month, Google Reader will be shutdown. I’ve been a Reader user for about seven years, so I am sad to see it go. A handful of you visit this site every day using Google Reader, so I want to share some options to keep getting your fix of Narrow Bridge […]

Carnival of Personal Finance #399

Welcome to the 399th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. For those of you who are visiting Narrow Bridge Finance for the first time, welcome! I have been writing on this site for over five years trying to bring the best and most useful information to readers around the world.

Yakezie Carnival

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Yakezie carnival. If you are not familiar, the Yakezie is a wonderful community of personal finance bloggers, many of them my personal friends, with a common mission of helping our readers improve their finances. These are the submissions of this week’s community round-up. Enjoy reading and discovering these great sites with their top posts of the week.

December Recap and 2012 Money Reflections

What a year. Memories were made, countries were visited, relationships were made, businesses were started. 2012 was possibly the busiest year of my life. I had a lot going on and I am proud of what has happened. Here are some highlights from the blog and elsewhere.

Donations and Giving

As we move through the holiday season, many people take a few minutes to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about giving money to their community. I grew up a big advocate of giving my time rather than my money. As my career has moved forward, I am now more easily able to give money. Deciding how much to give, and where, is an important decision for your personal finances.

Carnival of Personal Finance #389 – The Cyber Monday Edition

Hopefully you have all successfully navigated the spending trap of Black Friday and you are doing your best to keep to your budgets on Cyber Monday. I know that I skipped Black Friday completely. The only thing I gained this weekend was about five pounds! If holiday spending has you down, be sure to read through the amazing posts below in this #389th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Wealth and Taxes in America

There has been a lot of talk lately about rich people vs. poor people. In the height of the political season, fingers are being pointed, people are being accused, and even Fortune magazine took time to ask if it is still okay to be rich today in America.