Hi, I’m Eric

Eric Rosenberg

Welcome to Narrow Bridge Finance. My name is Eric. I am a finance guy from Colorado who followed a dream and moved to Portland. I have both an undergraduate degree and MBA in finance and share great investment, banking, and lifestyle advice every week here at Narrow Bridge Finance.

What You’ll Learn Here

Narrow Bridge Finance

This blog has a clear mission: Helping you organize and simplify your financial life to save time, money, and headache.

This is not a blog that will tell you not to spend money, but it will tell you to spend responsibly. What is the point of having money if you can’t have any fun? However, I firmly believe in taking responsibility for your financial future.

On this site, you will read how I paid for a private school MBA and the student loans that came with it in two years, how I went to college for free, how I make sure my credit cards always pay me, how I make traveling the world affordable, and how I get the most out of life without having to worry about bouncing a check. I write about ensuring you have a good personal finance lifestyle. Your finances are not just about one thing, they are an entire package including income, savings, investments, and debt management.

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Why Narrow Bridge Finance?

There is a Jewish song with the lyrics, “The whole world is a very Narrow Bridge, the most important thing is to not be afraid.”

Money can be scary! Banking, investing, retirement can sound to some like lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! This site is here to help show that your money, like a narrow bridge, does not have to be scary.

While you are here be sure to check out the best posts from Narrow Bridge. You can also read my first post to learn more about the site’s name and why I started blogging about money.

About Me

I spent nearly 24 years in Colorado, and decided it was time to take a big leap of faith and change my life. In one year, I got a new job (with a big raise), a new hometown, and a new wife.

My life experience includes world travels, starting profitable side-income generating businesses, and work in personal banking and corporate finance.

I have been the guy who decides if you get a mortgage. I have been the guy you called asking about waiving an overdraft fee. I have made investment choices for a university, and my own finances. And, through this site, I have helped countless people clean up and fix their finances.

In addition to dealing with the money (and debt) I already have, I make thousands of dollars each month outside of my day job. I share monthly updates on how much I earned and write regularly about how I did it.


The posts on this blog represent the author’s (or guest author’s) personal opinions. I am not a certified financial adviser. What is written here is based on my education, work history, personal experience, or research. I never just make things up, but I do not have a crack team of editors trying to find anything I say that is incorrect.

Any stock, investment, banking, or credit decisions are made at your own risk. I am not liable for anything bad that happens as a result of you following advice from this blog. However, if you do well with my advice I am happy to take a commission (wink) or happy e-mail.

Advertising Policy

I accept sponsored advertisements on this site. I disclose all sponsored posts. Please support my  sponsors to keep this site going strong. This site also contains affiliate links for products I support and have tried myself.